Café Bar Abba is new and fresh place to go out in Belgrade, located on the last floor of the newly opened ABBA hotel, gives a view to a fantastic city skyline.

This cozy new place, washed in warm colors and comfort, offers a variety of cold and hot drinks are offered at very affordable price.

Caffe bar Abba

Event organization



Café bar Abba has a variable seating spatial organization, beside our standard 120 people room capacity. so we are inviting You to come and let us help you organize Your event. It is possible to have different seating positions for weddings, conferences, plays, presentations etc.…


Our esteemed guests have a special discount for event organization in Abba hotel.


WiFi internet is free on the hotel premises, without limitations.

Maximum capacity

120 persons

First 5 hours of the rent is calculated according to the price list, but for any longer rent time needed, we can provide the price upon a request.

Hotel can arrange airport transfer, for single passenger or a tourist group.

Caffe bar ABBA covers the space of 112 m2.





There are 6 spatial seating organization available. please take a look at the gallery below.


10.00 - 00.00